Praedicō is a symposium that seeks to encourage engagement with Scripture and Society, enrich Biblical understanding, and equip the Church.

Praedicō offers a unique opportunity for those who regularly study the Bible to be drawn further into the Biblical world, to hear those God-breathed words afresh, and to wrestle with their implications. If you love the Scriptures, if you have a passion and calling to unpack the Bible within your community, we would love for you to be a part of this symposium.

The hope of this gathering is that the conversation fuels love for the Word, enables confident Biblical proclamation, and ultimately, enlivens the Church where you live.




12.00pm         Registration Open

12.30pm         Lunch Provided

  2.00pm         Session 1

  4.30pm         Dinner Break

  7.00pm         Session 2

  8.30pm         Finish



  9.00am         Registration & Coffee

  9.30am         Session 3

10.30am         Morning Tea

11.00am         Session 4

12.00pm         Lunch Break

  2.00pm         Session 5

  3.00pm         Afternoon Tea

  3.30pm         Session 6

  4.30pm         Finish

  6.30pm         Social Event  - Optional *



  9.00am         Registration & Coffee

  9.30am         Session 7

10.30am         Morning Tea

11.00am         Session 8

12.00pm         Lunch Break

  1.00pm         Session 9 // Q & A

  3.00pm         Finish



$150    Early bird (12 July)

$190    Full Price (after 12 July)

$25      Social Event *

The price includes the Tuesday lunch and morning and afternoon teas each day. Other meals not provided, however, there are a variety of lunch and dinner options within a short walking distance. 

Day Rates:

$75      Tuesday                    

$100    Wednesday

$75      Thursday     

*Wednesday evenings social event will require an additional cost of $25 (inc. light dinner & drinks).


Praedicō will be held in the Gateway Church, 950 Victoria Street, Hamilton

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Praedicō — to proclaim, to make known, to declare publicly, to commend and extol, to preach the gospel. It stems from two Latin words, 'prae', meaning 'before', and dicō, meaning 'devote'. The image evoked is of one who is consecrated to proclaim the message.